Who doesn't like children's drawings? Drawing can be fun for both children and adults, making it a great activity for the whole family.

In addition, just like making music or doing science experiments, drawing for kids is another hobby that is not only fun and something to do as a family, but it is also another educational activity that helps children develop mentally, stimulates creativity and builds their artistic talents.

Drawings for children, the best way to improve their creativity and originality

There are numerous studies that show direct correlations between artistic activity and the development of our personality, sensitivity, empathy ... and a long list of features that become useful with age.


The main reason drawing is so important for children is that they begin to express themselves, with originality, using the platform to bring out their inner thoughts. Young children learn to communicate their emotions and feelings (both positive and negative) at an age where they may have difficulty using words.

The purpose of introducing children to the world of art and drawing is not to make them great artists, although of course that would be great, but it will not be very common.

Here is just a small list of things we hope to achieve with children's drawings:

Lots of fun and joy.


Improved concentration

Improvement of self-esteem and reduction of stress

Discovery of the art world

Originality and identity

Improving family time and time with friends or classmates.

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You can draw with your kids at home and enjoy the fun of painting.

There are many different drawing styles suitable for children. This is because their initially clumsy drawings and drawing styles will evolve and improve independently depending on each person. All children (and adults) can scribble almost anything, but getting a more refined and precise drawing can be a rewarding but difficult process.

Take advantage of children's interest and start with one of the following examples:

Simple and basic shapes

Especially with young children, show them how to draw basic shapes like triangles, circles, squares, etc. is a great way to get started. Not only will they get an introduction to geometric shapes, but they will also learn the basics of more complex drawings. A cat, for example, can be made of a circle and three triangles.


Along with what we've learned from basic shapes, starting drawing animals is also a good way to start. Children are fascinated by animals, all children have their favorites. Which one is your child's favorite? She will be delighted if she can draw them! There are various templates available online, with step-by-step guides for many different animals and skill levels. It's a good idea to find a tutorial video on YouTube to start drawing your favorite animals together with your kids. The afternoons will fly by and the baby won't even notice.

Fictional characters

Another good idea is to try to learn how to draw your children's favorite cartoon characters. You can mix characters from different cartoons together using different styles at the same time. Whatever your imagination tells you!


The drawings don't necessarily have to be vivid, but you can use photographs to give the children inspiration, e.g. a family photo, a place you all visited, etc... From the photographs, they will learn how to extract and copy the main guidelines from the image and then add details. This is a very good exercise for more advanced artists.

There are many different options, all designed to find out which appeals to your children the most and tap into their interest. Together you will discover the many benefits of drawing, or at least have a good time together!