A rocking horse is a kind of toy, perhaps each of us remembers it from childhood. For us adults, it is associated with a simple wooden toy. Currently, rockers surprise with the richness of shapes, colors and forms. How about a rocker in the shape of a scooter or a car? Or maybe a cute panda or a cute kitten will be our toddler's playmate?

The choice of rockers is very wide, and their appearance and materials can be adapted to the personal preferences and likes of us and our children. The funny shape of a wooden or plush rocking horse will provide entertainment and is a great attraction for every toddler.

A rocking horse with a backrest will be suitable for younger children

Rocking toys are also suitable for the youngest child. When choosing a rocking horse for our children, it is worth paying attention to whether it has a backrest. This additional element in the toy is a guarantee of safety and can provide young children with carefree fun.

Rocking Horse 3 in 1 Children's slide with basket

Rocking horse + slide + basketball rack

Many functions can be freely combined

Create a playground for your children at home

For older children, you can safely choose this rocking horse. This rocking horse for children is made of durable, non-toxic HDPE material, so your child can rock safely. This game device can accompany your child until he grows up.

Smooth slides and safe tailstocks: Baby slides have a gentle slope and easy-to-climb steps to ensure a smooth glide for your little one. All guide rails are connected smoothly without edges, so that the child will not hurt himself. Children will be able to play happily.

BASKETBALL STAND: The basketball stand is designed according to European and American styles, which is very suitable for your little basketball players. If you don't want to use it, it can be easily disassembled.

Our products have a safety certificate. Whether it's a toddler or an older child, it can be used with confidence and your child can play with it to their heart's content.

The rocking horse is the perfect companion for children's games. What's more, rockers also bring many benefits for the health and development of our children. They develop dexterity and motor skills of children, allowing them to practice motor coordination and balance skills.