All boys and girls like to swing honestly, adults too. And, of course, your child will be delighted if you hang a personal garden swing for him in the warm season. Even a simple swing without a backrest that you can do yourself. However, it is more reliable to buy ready-made parts that will be stronger and more beautiful than homemade ones.

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The basic sensations are up and down, side to side, in infancy, and shape the love of swinging . Long before the baby is born, during pregnancy, the fetus sways in unison with the mother's movements, and in late pregnancy in conjunction with the heartbeat. In addition, after birth, the baby is usually shaken in the arms, in a crib or in a stroller.

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As a result, the child calms down, stops being naughty and falls asleep peacefully. During this activity, the child feels good, is good and calm. If the child is pressed against the mother, he begins to feel completely protected, this feeling will accompany him throughout his adult life. The main reason why children like to swing on a swing is the similarity of a pleasant feeling to movement in childhood. This feeling becomes the main reason for such a strong love for this activity.

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Therefore, children need rocking horses, swings and merry-go-rounds for a happy childhood. It is believed that by rocking the baby compensates for the lack of attention from the mother. Although this is not an indicator that the child needs a more sensitive attitude. The child was able to grow up, and the parents stopped rocking him.

Neither children nor themselves should be deprived of this pleasure - all kinds of rocking are very useful for the whole organism. Roughly speaking, this is a very good simulator in which you can train the vestibular apparatus, form the correct posture, strengthen various muscles of the back, arms, legs, and also teach the child to maintain balance. While swinging, the child relieves fatigue and stress at the same time, relaxes and calms down - the perfect solution for an evening walk. The dynamic rush of adrenaline causes a little fear, brings a lot of joy. The feeling of euphoria results from the production of endorphins, called the happiness hormone. By the way, swinging on a swing is an excellent prevention of motion sickness.
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Oscillatory movements are generally natural in nature and have a beneficial effect on humans. During the movement, micromassage of blood vessels occurs, thanks to which stagnant processes are eliminated in the body. Smooth and uniform movements determine the same rhythm of the heartbeat. With regular swinging, your heart rate will gradually return to normal. By the way, the swing also helps older people to cheer up, release from accumulated stress and cope with depression. So do not pass by the swing indifferently, swing your children and swing for health until you are a hundred years old and more!